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2015-09-01-11:53 – Update – 295.Behavior of reindeer females during year-round mating season in the tundra of subarctic Fennoscandia, 1963-1968.
Behavior of female reindeer was studied during the rut at continuous studies in the tundra of subarctic Fennoscandia, 1963-1968. Reports of changes in rut activity of females were based on very wide criteria for “rut” and were analyzed in terms of effects of calendar year. In 1963 (1967 in Sweden), focal females (n = 60) in all groups of young and mature females were observed on 13 summer days of 1963 (17 summer days of 1967) and 5 and 18 days of 1964 (21 summer days in 1968). Average density of focal females per hour of observation was 12.9 in 1963 (15.3 in 1967), 5.6 in 1964 (5.7 in 1968). Focal females were used for 13 h every day of observation, and 79% were used for a time span of at least 1 h. The time of the day (12:00-14:00) of observation was chosen for 58% of the daily observations, because the rut in this period was heavy or heavy-light. Behavior of focal females was studied in relation to two related questions, i.e., whether they actively initiated or reacted to the rut, and whether their behavior changed in the course of the season. An analysis of behavior of focal females indicated that 51% were active in the rut, and females from the

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