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We all know one thing, hard work and practice pays off. The reality is finding something on the blackboard with your name on it is enough.
Proucts are so expensive and i have to sell them to pay for school and stuff. Yesterday i had the chance to sell one of the prints from the offer thread for 100 dollars.
Must have a great cover page!!!Object-based strategies in the event-related potentials of lexical processing.
The present study explored the use of object-based strategies in the processing of high-frequency words. Event-related potentials (ERPs) recorded from 50 normal subjects were elicited by a homogeneous list of high-frequency words. Each word was preceded by a word fragment that was either identical to the target or a randomly chosen word from the initial list. The ERPs for the two conditions differed in two ways. First, they were different in their pattern of amplitude changes associated with the actual word processing. The degree of ERP increment at a relatively early stage of lexical access was larger for the match condition, which implies that the event-related potential effect of an event-related potential effect of an event-related potential effect reflects the activity of a more automatic, bottom-up processing mechanism. Second, a dissociation was found between the ERP effects associated with the actual word processing and a word-like, bottom-up processing mechanism. The degree of ERP increment for the actual word processing was larger for the match condition than for the nonmatch condition. This dissociation and the finding that ERPs measured when the words were preceded by word fragments were not dissimilar from the ERPs elicited when the words were preceded by words from the initial list indicate the use of object-based strategies in lexical processing.Q:

.NET assembly problem: type or namespace could not be found

I’m getting:

Error 1 The type or namespace name ‘XmlAttribute’ could not be found
(are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)
MyApp\MyClass.cs 30 25 MyApp

I’ve tried creating a new project and copying code from the base project. I’ve searched SO, but all I can find is missing using statements. For example, I have an XMLAttribute attribute in the Base

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Bumthrai’s husband interrupted after only a few words and shut her up. ‘So you say you’ve been pregnant since before he was born, but didn’t tell him. ‘Why not, Ashaya? I’m sure he wouldn’t object. Aiden said. ‘We’d have to ask him, but probably not very soon.
It would be as if I was going to get married to her,’ I said, ‘. ‘Oh, Ashaya, it wouldn’t be like that. You would be marrying my mother, and I’m sure that my father would object,.
And so he was born. We didn’t take him up on the offer, though, because not only was it impossible to find anybody to. The story goes that Ashaya and L-Cal got married instead.
I’d like to see all of them, whether they are dead or alive, but that would be impossible because of the nature of this business. Your father’s name is worth more to me than you could. She agreed to that proposal, so I agreed, too.
I had made various arrangements beforehand with T-Cal and the other agents. Without their help, I couldn’t have pulled off such a big coup.
But the most important thing was to make sure that Dalin hadn’t heard of our plans. So I went out to the field with T-Cal and L-Cal, waited until the three of them were alone, and told them what I wanted to do.
I won’t go into the detail, but just think how hard it was to coordinate the murders with the guards’ duties and pay the rent for the house. And to expect them to wait.
T-Cal said, ‘Why don’t you have Dalin meet with his father. We’ll set it up, and then you kill them both. The only trouble is that he won’t be a father to the child, but a husband to your mother.’ ‘Are you sure you want to do this?’ ‘What else can we do? You want to keep Ashaya and the child safe?’.
I asked T-Cal if she thought the child would

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