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Sep. As these can be hard to find, or just too long, we have enlisted a selection of the best songs from your favorite movies to help you get the most out of your next movie watching session.

How to add multiple files to a directory and then run a python script on all those files?

I am currently running this in the terminal:
for file in $(find. -name *.txt); do./ “$0.tmp”‘ _ {} \;
for file in $(find. -name *.txt); do mv “$0.tmp” “$0”; done

Berserk (band)

Berserk is a Swedish band from Borås, formed in 1997. The band has released five studio albums, the last being Berserk (2012). The band has toured extensively, primarily throughout Sweden but also in other countries, with numerous concerts annually. They have also performed in the Melodifestivalen Swedish selection process.

The band’s third album, (Berserk Again) Blood Boundaries, was released on 21 August 2005. The album was produced by Oliver Holmgren and Anders Rath, and was the first album released with the band’s new name – all previous albums were released under the band’s former name. The album peaked at No.1 position at the Swedish Album Chart, and at No.16 the following week. This album is often the favourite album of the band and their fans, since it marks their newest “classical” phase in their career.

Their latest album “Mordtusen”, was released in June 2010. The album peaked at No.7 in the Swedish charts.


Current members
Daniel Bergqvist – vocals

I even changed the registry to reflect the date it was created as we did not know it had been modified. I even tried to deactivate the program one more time, and then reactivated it. I will try again in a couple of days, but even with the latest revision, and by doing what you suggested, I have been unable to correct the problem.
It appears the program just keeps loading after the first attempt to start, regardless of what input I give it. Has anybody else encountered a problem with this program?
I have attached a screen capture of what the program looks like after it finally starts.
I do have the Nvidea 3.x driver installed and use that to run all 3d games. I also have Comodo anti-virus and Spybot Search and Destroy installed, as well as Ad-Aware and SpywareAdvisor. I haven’t run any of those for some time, but I know they’re installed.
I have no problems with 2D-3D games, or any other windows applications, but this is the only 3D-specific application that will not run. Even an empty project will not run without error.
Note: after finally starting up the application, it freezes forever after showing the screen capture you attached.
Thanks in advance.


Alright, after a week and a half of hunting, I finally discovered what the problem was.
The problem was with the.DLL file. I am not a software developer, but I have been a user of software for many years. When I copied over my folders from C:\Program Files\Addition Pro to C:\Program Files\Lumen Research, I thought I would make a backup. I needed to clear and reinstall the program with a fresh installation, as there were some files that were lost during the move. It turns out I was wrong.
When I ran the uninstallation, the uninstaller recognized that it was the Addition Pro folder that it was removing, and did not remove the other folder.
As it has always done in the past, Windows ignored the fact that I had in fact moved the folders, and began to search for new copies of the files. When it found them, it was using the older version of the files instead of the newer version it had installed, and that was why the program would not run.
It took me an hour to finally figure out what I had done wrong, but once I realized it, it was

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The Lancaster Clippers’ Batsunami relief concert and donation drive has been hugely successful, helping to raise a total of £3,168.50.

The Lancaster Clipper’s large-scale fundraiser was held on Saturday 9 May at the Lancaster Old Town Hall – and it was the fans that kept the party going well into the early hours!

Organisers had arranged a ‘pregame party’ before the main event, with live music in the three bars of the venue – including DJ Carl and his friends, who provided an eclectic mix of classic and modern hits.

The cash raised will be split between the Lancaster Miners Welfare Project and the Southern Counties Miners rescue service.

A huge thank you to the organisers and everyone who helped make Saturday night such a success.

The Batsunami concert is part of the Lancashire Pals week of events which aims to raise funds to support families bereaved or injured in the recent terror attacks in Manchester and London.Q:

Connection timeout with Amazon S3

I have some issues with Amazon S3, the S3 request works for a while and then fails with:

The specified conditional HTTP request limit has been exceeded. The request URL was:

This is a feature we’re testing, and it temporarily suspends the service between 6:00 a.m

The example above is a html page with no doctype declaration. The most common causes of invalid markup are:

“Bad” browsers. Sometimes people create pages without knowing that they are being displayed in “strict” mode, which means that any invalid HTML or CSS will show up as user interface glitches. If you see invalid markup, your browser should have the ability to display it just like HTML5 validator, and doesn’t have to issue “no valid elements” or “bad grammar” or the like.
“Bad” browsers with user interface glitches. Some browsers, like Firefox, don’t show the “error console” with errors and warnings.
Some third-party plugins in Internet Explorer or other browsers. Third-party plugins are like extensions for a browser. They do things that the browser already does, like highlight a web address in a form, and that way ensure that the user doesn’t have to know how to do things like that.

On a side note, the best way to test if your markup is valid is by using the W3C Markup Validation Service available at It will give you a nice idea on what needs to be fixed.
If you can’t see any obvious errors, you can try using the W3C Validator online to check your markup.


Display name in table header

I am designing web page. My page is a two column page with each column having different type of content.
I am wondering if its possible to display the header name with radio button like this:

In the image – This is how i want my page to look like. I want the header to look with the radio button at the top. I also want to add a button to go back to the previous page. Now i have to go back to the previous page by using #


On this page, they show how to use RadioButton as a header:

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