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Pokemon Sacred Gold Documentationl

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Using the PostSharp AOP tool to make my unit tests more fail-proof

I’m in the process of moving from traditional test-driven development to test-driven development based on unit tests. The codebase I’m working with is extremely large (more than 200 classes) and I’m doing very rudimentary unit testing to ensure my code doesn’t break, because that’s not the point. What I’m trying to do is to use the PostSharp AOP tool to make my unit tests more fail-proof. Can anyone explain to me how the AOP tool can be used to accomplish this? Also, I’ve never used AOP and my Google-fu is weak, so please bear with me while I attempt to ask the right questions. Thanks in advance!
Edit: My question really stems from the fact that I am not writing unit tests for my application in the traditional sense. Rather, I’m writing unit tests for my application that simply ensure that the application is still executing in the correct manner. So, in other words, my application is running in the same manner as if I were using a unit test framework. From my understanding, this is a very common use case for AOP. So, is it possible to use AOP to ensure my unit tests are sufficiently stable?


Unit tests can be written in various ways. They can test the “correctness” of your application, but they can also test that things you expect to happen actually do. For example, the code for the framework you are using might take responsibility for calling a method called “log” to write some log information to a file. In traditional testing, you would write the unit tests to be sure that the file is created. Then, once you are confident that the unit tests run, you may add an assertion to ensure that the correct log entry was written.
AOP is an approach for testing the first point. By injecting code before or after the method that you want to test, you can make sure that the method was invoked as expected. Again, you can do this in a traditional way by writing additional tests that verify that the new method calls a log method or something else. The AOP tool may even be designed specifically to simplify or automate this

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