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Play with friends, family, and people from all over the world. With amazing games, characters, and community creations, Roblox is the premiere online destination for kids and teens. Play on any device at home, school, or on the go, using Robux™, our virtual currency.

Adult Content:

Although the World contains items for you to explore, there is also a wide range of adult themed content. You can search for an adult destination to explore and gain skills for your adult avatar, or you can choose to play games that include adult content, such as movies or sexual activities.

Product Features:

Powerful Programming Language:

Create incredible games for all ages. Roblox offers a robust programming language that allows you to express your creativity and interact with users in ways you never imagined.

Engage Your Audience:

Upload your games and characters to attract and interact with other users. Connect with friends, influence others and stand out in the world’s largest user-created community.

Play Anywhere:

You can play games on any device, including tablets, laptops and mobile phones.


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