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Roblox is a massively multiplayer, virtual world, role-playing game, created by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel. It was developed for the PC as a freemium game, released on June 20, 2006, and was made available to mobile users on February 6, 2012.
It is the first modern massively multiplayer game to focus on community interaction, and social games are described as games that allow players to interact with other players in virtual worlds and engage in social activities. Roblox is the first game of this genre, which are typically played with friends in person or online, and it focuses on building both a network of friends and a game world with immersive features.
Users in a Roblox game create content and program their game within a user interface that lets them write code that they can insert into the game, using the scripting language Lua. Players can also share these builds through a user interface. An IDE for game developers was introduced in 2016. Users can buy virtual items with real money, within or outside of the game, in order to speed up their play and gain an advantage in the game. A virtual currency called Robux can be purchased, and was released on January 27, 2010.
Roblox History
In 2006, David Baszucki and Erik Cassel created a freemium game called Roblox, an online virtual world for players to build their own games, characters and objects. The user interface was developed in Flash, and in 2007, the game was released to the public. It was available for PC only, until August 2010, when it was released on iPhone, Android and Blackberry.
In November 2009, the Roblox Corporation was registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The company was founded in July 2007 and was based in Atlanta, Georgia. Starting with a staff of 12 people, Roblox employed 400 in 2010.
In 2010, Roblox had 550,000 registered users. Its user base grew by 200,000 monthly users in April 2011, reaching one million registered users by June 2011.
In 2012, Roblox had one million registered players by March 2012, after having launched in Canada. In May 2012, it was available in 77 countries and in 41 languages.
Roblox Ideas
The founders, David Baszucki and Erik Cassel, and Roblox’s Creative Director, Chris Boyle, are both fellows of the Emerging Technologies and Informed Design Department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


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Hi guys, I thought I would make a thread to help the Roblox community.

I was wondering if there are any ways to get free robux for my friends account and myself, I don’t like when people have to buy robux or have to trade for them. I need robux to buy more buildings like stickers and decor.

I was wondering if anyone could help or not. Please and thank you.

A lot of times players on Rc3 channel don’t put the correct commands in and end up getting Robux but I found the best way to get free robux on your own is to put a deposit on a house and on a daily basis pay out the robux you would use to build the house with. So every day you would be using Robux to build a house. Then there will be robux generated each time you pay out to a deposit. It really doesn’t get any easier than that.

1) Go to the spot on the map where you have the highest amount of robux on your account. Then click the house icon that shows up.2) Click the ‘payout’ icon that is right next to the house icon.3) Once it is successfully done click on the ‘deposit’ icon and pay out what you would normally use to build the house.4) You will have this amount of robux added to the amount on your account.


If you would like to have this set up done automatically on your account, I would recommend using a website called You will need to sign up for a free account and then they will run their own server that will allow you to deposit onto your account. They will also make the robux you deposit or pay out available to you each day.

If you are unsure what command to use to deposit robux on your account, then make sure you have the right map selected before you put the command in. The robux you deposit will appear directly on the map you have selected.


I have a lot of free robux and don’t have to pay a cent. This is just the way I have set it up and I have used it for years.

1) Go to the spot on the map where you have the highest amount of robux on your account. Then click the house icon that shows up.2) Click the ‘payout’ icon that is right next to the house icon.


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Download Free Roblox Generator →→→ DOWNLOAD

Download Free Roblox Generator →→→ DOWNLOAD

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