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“We have developed an in-depth understanding of the core elements of football and how to incorporate them into FIFA’s gameplay,” said Peter Eriksson, president of EA Sports. “The HyperMotion technology captures every movement on the pitch and recreates it with pinpoint accuracy. With a fully reactive game engine, we are able to take advantage of this data and feel – accurately – how an authentic match should be.”

Replay – Official and Made-for-Pause

Fifa 22 Product Key introduces two new ways to experience a game of football: the Official Replays, which are a broadcast-quality re-play feature, and the Made-for-Pause or MFP, a new exclusive way to watch an action from pause.

This release also brings the ability to watch full game replays from a particular tournament match or tournament final from your past and gives you access to some of the greatest moments from your own career.

Official Replays

FIFA 22’s rewind feature lets you watch your favourite moments live as you had intended, and includes a true-to-life representation of your pitch and stadium in the replay.

This feature is made possible through EA SPORTS Football Club, which allows you to provide your team and individual player data and attributes including playing style, position, height and weight for all 22 real-life players on a pitch, as well as his teammates on the pitch, officious, and the environment around the pitch, as well as custom stadium designs. This allows players to upload their player data to the game (via the PlayStation®4 system) and creates a unique reality to each broadcast. These accurate details and data will also live on your account on


Made-for-Pause lets you relive a memorable match through multiple viewing angles. Whether you’re a football enthusiast or gamer, this exciting feature has you covered.

New Ways to Enjoy

FIFA 22 has expanded its engagement offer by giving you the chance to win VIP invitations to attend matches at your home club for real.

From December 1 through January 6 users will compete for VIP invitations to attend live matches against virtual opponents. Players can compete for invitations to attend live matches by starting a FIFA 22 game, doing an in-game redemption, and making sure their football club is in your PlayStation®4 system home country.


Features Key:

  • Live out your dreams as a manager and a player in Career Mode –
  • Live out your dreams as a manager and a player in Player Career Mode –
  • Create the newest club and style your team in-game –
  • Design your stadiums from your alternate kits all the way to the tunnel –
  • Experience the emotions of an all-action, high-intensity sport in “HyperMotion” — the world’s most powerful sport physics engine
  • Choose to play the authentic English Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga or the Eredivisie
  • Show the most realistic City, Chelsea, Everton and Manchester City pre-match videos featuring real fans singing and cheering for their team –
  • Collect and use Ultimate Team squad players, new card for stadium and club cards to build the best squad and build your way to ultimate success –
  • Improve your player’s ability to make the long ball –
  • Discover new ways to play with both new more accurate player models to more authentic ball physics –
  • Build a kit for your player to appear in collectible cards in the Clubs tab of the in-game store –
  • Face better AI, and learn how to use new cards, build better defensive cover, and create overloads –
  • Get ready for the next step with the FIFA Interactive World Cup where you play as a Pro Coach facing 8 other Pro Coaches – including Barcelona and Manchester City.
  • Ladies and the girls – we’ve got new clothing packs to keep your squad looking sharp and having fun
  • Get ready for the party season with new all-new and retro licensed partying items.


Fifa 22 Download [Mac/Win]

FIFA is football as it should be played. This is the most authentic football game and it’s why over 200 million fans are passionate about FIFA. FIFA is the most complete football game, because it unites the beautiful game with the fans’ real-life passion for the beautiful game. It’s a game that lets you be a player. FIFA is a franchise for everyone: Fans, players, teams, commentators, and even fans of all of these.

EA is the most popular sports brand in the world, and FIFA is EA SPORTS’ flagship game. EA also owns the FIFA and Madden NFL brands, and has rights to the Stars Football League.

FIFA is a game franchise with 14 games, over 80 individual game modes and over 1,100 player appearances. The FIFA brand has an even wider appeal due to the tremendous popularity of the global game franchise, which is the world’s biggest selling sports game franchise.

EA SPORTS is the world leader in sports gaming. With FIFA, EA is the world leader in football gaming, with over 34 million copies sold since the first FIFA was released in September 1994. With over 200 million registered users, FIFA is the most popular football game on the planet.

FIFA is the most popular football game in the world, with a passionate community of over 200 million registered users.

How does it work?

Every year, we build upon the current gameplay, social experience and platform. How do we know what to do? We focus on the reasons why you play FIFA.

You play FIFA to be the best. All of our gameplay features and design are built around you building your team to the limits.

You play FIFA with friends. You play the game with friends. Our Franchise Pro and Ultimate Team modes are designed to be played with friends with enhanced communication, dedicated friend management systems, and the ability to chat, voice call and video call friends.

You play FIFA to push your team to the limit. We know that the best way to help you accomplish your goals is to give you a platform to share your success and struggles. From the analysis tools in Training Mode to coaching tips, sharing your team’s strategies and tactics is easier than ever.

You play FIFA because it’s fun. Whether it’s the battling Ultimate Team games, the storytelling Franchise Mode, the human factor of FIFA with your friends, or the feeling of getting the ball,


Fifa 22 [Mac/Win]

 The biggest and most authentic collection of players in video games. Build the ultimate team in FIFA Ultimate Team, and trade, transfer, and battle with players from around the world. Add superstars such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Neymar, and complete your dream team.

3-on-3 Online – Unleash your imagination in 3-on-3 online play, where everything is possible. It’s the best FIFA to ever play.

Live Events
The Fastest Football in the World
Exclusive to FIFA Ultimate Team and FIFA, play the official Speed Soccer game. A faster, slicker, more exhilarating version of soccer. All the action and excitement of a real match, in a simulated 3D world. Enjoy the beautiful ball physics as it glides through the air and ricochets off surfaces.

Exclusive to Ultimate Team are the stunning 2K Sports licensed FIFA equipment. From boots, gloves and balls, to official cones and goalposts, everything has been specially crafted by the best in world football.

Play with Friends or People From Around the World
Play with friends and complete your FUT Ultimate Team in FIFA Online 2, or create your online Legend and play head-to-head against friends, or people from around the world.

Play any sport anywhere with FIFA Mobile

FIFA Mobile

Live your dream, find football’s hidden gems and lead the community. Join together with millions of players around the world to take control of the beautiful game. Build your club, take on your friends, and earn FIFA Coins, the digital currency of FIFA Mobile. Then use your precious FIFA Coins to customize your team, and compete in the FIFA Mobile World Cup. The most authentic FIFA in mobile gaming.

Live Your Dream
With more than 3.9 million players around the world, FIFA Mobile is the fastest growing football game in mobile gaming. Available only on mobile, FIFA Mobile gives you the opportunity to live out your dreams, taking over your favorite clubs in Europe and the world in FIFA Mobile.

Find Football’s Hidden Gems
FIFA Mobile features more than 250 authentic clubs. Not only do you get all the big-name teams from around the world, but you’ll also discover new stars to add to your FIFA Mobile. Choose to play for your favorite clubs or create your own Legends and make your online FIFA Mobile dream a reality.

Play for Your Favorite Teams
Experience the


What’s new in Fifa 22:

Date: July 5, 2022

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