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“HyperMotion Technology allows us to go beyond past seasons of FIFA and be able to introduce new features and gameplay elements that were not possible in the past,” said Oliver Bierhoff, Executive Producer at SEGA. “As more gamers get involved, we will continue to enrich FIFA’s gameplay and social experience, no matter what platform they play on.”

“This year’s game is a major leap forward for FIFA mobile,” said Keith Harris, Managing Director of SEGA London. “The new HyperMotion Technology and addition of player likeness updates build upon the success that we have with FIFA Mobile already, putting it in a new league as a true mobile football sim.”

FIFA 22 will be available for download from May 15th in App Store and Google Play. The game will also be available on the PlayStation®Network and Xbox Live®.

“When we are working on a mobile game, there are several different things that we are looking at when considering whether to work on it or not,” added Harris. “If you are to launch and keep your players engaged, then you can’t just sit back and take them for granted, you have to take as much effort and energy as possible to develop. That’s why we have invested so heavily in developing our own technology – because we can.”

FIFA Mobile is a free-to-play sports action game available for iOS and Android devices in which players take on the role of legendary footballers. The game is one of the most downloaded sports apps in the Apple App Store and Google Play in more than 80 countries with over 30 million monthly active users in 2015. SEGA is responsible for the creative development and global online operation of the FIFA franchise in all of its media platforms including the flagship FIFA Ultimate Team brand.

SEGA Announces High-End, Multi-Platform Mobile Gaming Publishing and Production Agreement With Team17 for FUT Community Content

SEGA today announced the formation of a global publishing and production collaboration with leading independent developer Team17 and its publishing partner Virgin Interactive for FUT, the fantasy sports game that has become the most popular activity in the world to date.This multi-platform publishing and production agreement between SEGA and Team17, which also includes mobile publishing via the SEGA owned label Play4Free, will see Team17 set up and manage a global community of millions


Features Key:

  • A new game for life! Powered by Frostbite Engine. The most realistic, authentic FIFA gameplay to date allows you to control individual players and build teams that fit together like a real-life team.
  • Capture the moments of the beautiful game that you always wanted to play. An all new Career mode will allow you to play as both a club manager and a player.
  • Create and play your unique club style. Change kits, stadium style and brand your team.
  • Experience the new depth and authenticity of a next-generation football experience with FIFA 22. Physically correct presentation of players and teams.
  • New controls, better touches. The new controls are designed to maximize your accuracy when making passes and shooting. Better dribbling control lets you easily keep up with play in more intricate scenarios. Combined with your player’s AI, the engine’s physics-simulated brains will play your gameplay perfectly.
  • Numerous new challenges. The Ultimate Team Series includes the following new features:
    • Design your Ultimate Team from more than 150 players, managers, contracts, appearances and more.
    • Take your program to the next level on all your screens. Thanks to the new Game-Drivable Leagues, you can also play as your fantasy team against the AI in designated game modes.


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FIFA is the world’s most popular football video game franchise.

FIFA Soccer is one of the world’s best-selling football video games and was the top-selling game of 2001. The series continues to dominate sales charts and has sold over 100 million copies worldwide.

FIFA 07, released on 29 September 2006, was the biggest launch of a video game ever by selling more than nine million copies worldwide on day one.

The Game

FIFA 22 is built from the ground up on the Football Plus engine and features every player in the game with a unique and complete likeness. Playing through one of 14 leagues across the world, players will become immersed in authentic football culture and discover the detailed physics, realistic ball control and new Artificial Intelligence systems which are revolutionising football gaming.

With a brand new Career Mode featuring a manager’s journey through one of 14 leagues around the globe, plus the introduction of Soccer Schools and Real Schools with FIFA U17, FIFA U19, FIFA Women’s and FIFA Futsal, players will be able to build their own team with the potential to win the World Cup and gain access to new training facilities.

FIFA 22 introduces new features like Pass and Move, giving players complete control of free kicks and corners. New formations let players get up and down the pitch with greater fluidity. Mix things up at any time by chucking the ball long to a striker or smash the ball short over a defender with a chest pass.

Additionally, FIFA’s most comprehensive overhaul of the shooting mechanic since FIFA 09 will improve players’ shots and goalkeeping by letting them anticipate shots through ball placement and spin.

New Pass and Move gives players complete control over free kicks and corners.

New Attacks give players more control over their shots, with the power and placement of passes adjusting to the angle, speed, and timing of shots.

New Skills Mechanics improve movement around and away from the ball, allowing players to gain yards from defenders.

New Player Behaviour gives players the ability to take the game back when under pressure, adding interaction with their teammates in the defending third of the pitch.

Improved Player Trajectory takes the hard, unpredictable bounces out of the game.

New defensive player positioning is designed to be more intelligent and reactive, challenging the player to accurately guess where the ball will fall before it arrives.

The finest ball physics yet


Fifa 22 Download [32|64bit] [April-2022]

FIFA Ultimate Team gives you the chance to create a side from the world’s best players using Draft kits, unlock new players, train and develop your players and collect trophies and coins.

My Team – Customise your very own dream team using the My Team feature, including real-life superstars from around the world. They’re all in the game, so you can pit them against your friends’ Pro Clubs or the Club Master is a real dream.

FUT Draft Pick – Prove your skills in a Draft Pick challenge against other players and earn coins and FIFA Ultimate Team packs. Compete with up to 50 other players in one-on-one challenges to help you earn bonus in-game rewards.

PUMA PRO – Play the best matches and improve your FIFA Pro Clubs in real-time online against other players with online and offline leagues, tournaments and club cup events, including the current season, cup competitions and Confederations Cup, all with real-life Pro Clubs including Puma, Lyon, Inter Milan, Juventus and Borussia Dortmund.


FIFA is one of the most popular sports games in the world, and like FIFA 11 and FIFA 12, FIFA 22 introduces hundreds of new player animations.

FIFA’s ball control and passing is improved for a smoother and more realistic touch-based passing experience.

FIFA 22 delivers an all-new Career Mode. Players can now live out their dreams as a manager and a player.

Also, like FIFA 11, the presentation can be easily customised.

VIP Club is a new feature that lets players create a customised club, an on-screen dictionary so players can learn the technical terms and a new Broadcasting tool so you can follow all the action live and win iconic competition cups, such as World Club Cup, Super Cup and UEFA Champions League.

You can also create and save your own Pro Clubs and customise the kits of your favourite clubs.

The app is now available on Android and iOS devices, and online at

It’s easy to create your dream team, with 30+ new leagues and more than 50 real-life clubs. Use the all-new My Team feature to get access to exclusive videos, new character items and be the first to play in the best real-life competitions like UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League.

In FUT, use the all-new Draft Picks mode


What’s new in Fifa 22:

Date: July 6, 2022

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