The Life Expectancy Of Trans people

It trans people is expected that in the coming years of trans, from greater access to public health, life expectancy may increase.

It of trans is expected that in the coming years, from greater access to public health, life expectancy may increase. From the Association of Transvestites, Transsexuals and Transgenders of Argentina (ATTTA), Daniela Andrade, indicated that the life expectancy is 35 years of trans,which is really alarming.

considering that for heterosexuals it exceeds 70 years.

He recognized as one of the factors that influence it, the self-hormonization and the use of toxic substances that were injected in the 70s, 80s and even 90s to obtain a woman's body.
Industrial silicone, many toxic substances, cooking and cooking oil were used to inject into the breasts, hips, face, to form the female body. Today after 20 or 30 years we began to see the problem because that silicone it begins to rot, he told in trans.

For trans people

trans people
of trans people, Although the expectation is still maintained in the 35 years, from ATTA they assure that the situation will change from the integral attention to trans people

trans people in history and Life expectancy has greatly improved because they have opportunities like anyone to go to the doctor not only for treatments, but for any pathology of trans. Before, they came to the hospital when nothing could be done, he concluded.

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