The First Employment Office For Trans People Is Born

The program financed by the community of madrid, is dedicated to this

group, very affected by unemployment in transsexual.
He had to travel thousands of kilometers to hear his name.

Only crossed the doors of Europe, Alexia was, for the first time, Alexia. And upon hearing it from the mouth of others, she began to feel a powerful flutter in her guts.

As if the person he always was emerged at last, detaching himself from all the appearance previously adopted to survive. In Madrid, so far from Cameroon, where transsexuality is typified as a crime punishable by

imprisonment, Alexia had come of age and a new identity:

the one that clung to her deep inside as a child and could never claim.

Breaking with the most essential of social conventions in Africa comes at a price: My family has disowned me, they are Muslim and religion prohibits what I have done. But it is impossible to fight against feelings.

You can bury them for a long time, but they always end up emerging in some way, he declares. A year after her departure, Alexia works for a hair salon in the heart of Malasaña, part time, but indefinitely. She got her job thanks to Ambar, the first job placement program dedicated to trans people,

promoted by the Fundación 26 de Diciembre with funding from the Community of Madrid. The living room is lined with mirrors and light.

A string of electronic music seems to set the pace in the laundry area.

Would you like a coffee or an infusion

Asks Alexia to a client who is waiting to be attended.

Pedro Bogo, director of Ambar, connects jobseekers with a series of companies related to the project, which ensure work environments free of discrimination. They also provide free training.

Participating firms include Pantene, which markets hair care products, Corta Cabeza, a chain with six hairdressers in the capital, Workshop Experience, a photography school, and transvestite, el corte ingles,

In six months, the initiative has pushed the professional itinerary of 50 users. And some thirty contracts of various length have been signed. Different social resources in the region have already begun to refer cases to them. We estimate that, in the Community of Madrid, eight out of ten transgender people are unemployed.

It is a brutal figure, which condemns them to marginalization, says Bogo.
This deep rooted unemployment has a double effect, adds the pedagogue

On the one hand, it leads transsexual people to the underground economy. On the other, it makes them invisible, because they are expelled from public life. Consequences that Bella Adriniegas, 23, has known closely.

She started the transformation towards femininity in her native Colombia and had to request asylum in our country a triennium ago. That change of appearance separated her from the labor market.

You can soften your voice in the interview, be groomed and well dressed, but the problem comes when it comes to delivering the necessary papers.

It can be very puzzling that some male data is included. And they end up separating and transsexual it you from the selection process

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