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Normal MDE files created by Access contain extra information that we like to call “compiler junk” – this is redundant information about variable names, data types, constants, UDTs etc that are no longer needed in a fully compiled MDE file.
However, this “compiler junk” makes it much easier to decompile/reverse-engineer the VBA code in an MDE file to a standard that is very close to the original VBA source code (including for example all variable names).
In fact, for those that can prove ownership of their MDE files, we at offer a service for reverse-engineering them including all VBA code. You must be able to prove lawful ownership beyond any doubt for our service – but that is not to say that another company (or utility) won’t offer a non-validated conversion service in the future.
Well, if you want to better protect your VBA code, then the solution is to remove the extra “compiler junk” from the MDE file completely which makes it much harder and much less desirable to decompile/reverse-engineer the source code.
But removing the “compiler junk” does not prevent decompiling/reverse-engineering the VBA code, but it make it much harder and the result would be source code that does not look anything like the original source code (and therefore much less und
Here are some key features of “Access MDE Source Code Protector”:
■ Easy to use utility for removing “compiler junk” that is left behind in an MDE file created by Microsoft Access.
■ After using this utility, reverse engineering (or decompiling) the VBA source code produces far less desirable results. Example
■ Use this utility to view exactly what is being exposed in your MDE file – you may be surprised at the results! (Constant values are hidden to prevent malicious use of this software)
■ After using this utility, the VBA source code is fully stripped from the MDE file – equivalent of a standalone VB6 application
■ Supports Access 97, 2000, 2002 (XP) and 2003
■ Also supports ADE files (compiled Access Project files)
■ It will not allow you to remove the “complete junk” – it will only allow you to view it







Access MDE Source Code Protector 1.10 Crack With License Key For Windows

Access MDE Source Code Protector is a freeware utility. It allows Access programmers to remove all kind of “compiler junk” from their compiled MDE file for use in decompiling/reverse-engineering.
Access MDE Source Code Protector is able to remove all kinds of “compiler junk” left behind in Access MDE files and break all Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) program logic and require you to decompile it using a third-party utility like Visual Basic Compiler for Applications or ILOG IDEA to see the source code.
Here’s a sample MDE file decompiled by Access MDE Source Code Protector:

Here’s a sample MDE file decompiled using Visual Basic Compiler for Applications:


Using a tool like NoBlackMagic from Nirsoft, you can actually remove the clunky text and have the entire text file looking like normal VB:

The text editor does have some options, but not using them actually makes the file look more like normal VB.

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Access MDE Source Code Protector 1.10 With Keygen X64

■ Access MDE Source Code Protector Full Crack is a useful utility for removing “compiler junk” from Access mde files. If you have extracted VBA code from an Access mde file and want to decompile the source code to see what is there in the MDE file, then this is a very useful utility. The MDE file contains metadata data in the form of additional information about constant values, names, types, functions etc that are stored in a database within the mde file. These extra metadata bits can be found in the associated vb~x file that is compiled with the MDE file.
We at offer a service that uses this utility to remove the “compiler junk” from MDE files before the VBA source code is decompiled. That is why it can be very good to have a copy of the original mde file (without the “compiler junk”) if you really want to decompile the source code.
For those that simply want to remove the “compiler junk” without decompiling the source code, the only limit is that this utility will only view the “compiler junk” and not remove it (which is a security feature to prevent malicious use).
If you are not sure which Access MDE files to remove, try using this utility in the first place – that should generate a list of Access mde files that need to be modified.

Important note:
We are in no way affiliated with Microsoft Access or any of it’s past and/or future versions, but we do offer a very similar program called Access MDE Source Code Protector (Access MDE S.C.P.) that allows you to remove the “compiler junk” and then decompile your MDE files.


Important Note:
If you have saved an mde file in notepad (or another text editing application), then you will find that it’s always made up of special ASCII characters. For example: there is a “˜” character at the start of every line; there are many different invisible characters at the start of every line or block of lines (many of which represent the starting character of the next line); there are also many strange characters inserted into blocks of lines (these are often solid white characters); and there are many more special characters at the end of every line.
This is all “compiler junk” – that is not part of the actual source code and that doesn’t belong in the VBA code

Access MDE Source Code Protector 1.10 Crack+ Free Registration Code

Access MDE Source Code Protector Version 1.1
This free product is licensed to you under the GNU General Public License.
You are free to copy and redistribute this program.
This software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
This software is not supported by Microsoft.
Please visit: for more information.
Downloads and Installing Software from this Website:
Installing the Software:
1. Double-click to run the Setup.exe program.
2. Double-click on Setup.exe to start installing software.
3. Read and accept the license agreement.
4. Click Next.
5. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.
6. When the installation is complete, use the following instructions to uninstall the software.
Deleting Files:
1. Click on the “Access MDE Source Code Protector” icon located on the desktop.
2. Click on the “Access MDE Source Code Protector Uninstall” option found on the “Uninstall” list.
3. When the uninstallation is complete, use the following instructions to clean up the leftover files.

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What’s New In?

Access 2007 and later
Microsoft Access 2010 and later

Supported filetypes:

MDE files created by Access

Supported database formats:

MDE files created by Access


Compatible with all versions of Microsoft Access – as of Sep 2009 (for 32-bit machines)

Access MDE Source Code Protector Features:

About This Software:


open forms\help\mde source\rdt.hlp
on the page where it says “KEYWORDS THAT DECOMPILE” there is a link on how to remove the junk text that it says


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I don’t think it’s a platform dependent problem; you write the code in some language that allows you to speak to windows.
You could consider having the user execute a shell script – though the limitations of java/C++ does make that a little trickier.
It may be possible to do something with a virtual machine – but that’s almost as tricky as having a wrapper application.
I think you’d have to look at C API’s for the OS – I don’t know what that would be for Java – but I’d imagine there is a corresponding function. C and C++ don’t run in java (though you could get java to call the function). I don’t know what OSX exposes for it’s desktop.

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